Sheila Surban's Portfolio

Thank you for your interest in viewing my portfolio. Below you will find a compilation of my selected works for companies and other projects which include web designs, graphic designs, published magazine, chatbot building, doodle and animated video creations. I am continually learning new ways to implement better marketing strategies to help achieve or perhaps increase marketing goals for any businesses. Stay tuned for more updates...

In the meantime, please feel free to browse and hopefully you will get some ideas of what I can do for you or your company.


Web Designs

Chatbot Building


Graphic Designs

Doodle Video Creation


Published Magazine


Animated Video Creation

Radio Ad Project

One of the projects for the freelance writing course was a radio ad project where I was able to create my own script for the radio ad and add my own voice and sound effects. The primary goal of this project is to showcase a product and create an advertisement that was suitable for radio advertisement.